With horrifying photos reaching us daily from war-torn Syria, we decided to support this year MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES. Their medical and humanitarian relief work in Syria and with displaced Syrians in bordering countries makes the difference to many of the war victims.
NEST donated 1’000 CHF and would like to thank all MSF staff for their incredible work.

MSF Doctor.jpgThis is what MSF staff Dr Hyadar Alwash (photo) has to say: ‘Here in Ramtha, Jordan, I see every day how your support is saving lives. The explosions echoing in the distance are a constant reminder of how close we are to the Syrian border and the conflict. Patients arrive from across the border daily. All of them are newly injured, usually by bombs or bullets. Every day we perform surgical procedures that save lives and limbs. It is demanding work, as we have to provide what each patient needs immediately. Time is not on their side, so it is not on ours.

I remember an ambulance pulling up with three children inside; a six-month- old boy, a girl of two and a girl of eight. None of them had any relatives with them. The boy had severe head wounds and passed away a few minutes after he arrived.

The team stabilised the younger of the two girls and we managed to resuscitate the older one. Both her legs were mangled and she had lost so much blood she had turned white. We had no choice but to amputate one of her legs. She was in shock, completely terrified, with no family to comfort her, so we did our best to reassure her. That night will never leave me. This is the job and I am very proud to do it. I was forced out of Iraq during the war in 1990. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness, nor the help MSF gave me at that time. I wanted to grab any chance to repay that kindness. That’s why I helped start the trauma surgery project here at Ramtha hospital. Every day we treat people with war-wounds and see how vital this service is’


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